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Mammoth Custom Lures



We are two brothers with one goal. Make custom, quality, hand crafted lures and catch mammoth sized trophy fish. Our profession is custom carpentry, but our passion is fishing. When you put the two together you get lures built with quality craftsmanship and perfection. Our lures are made from various species of wood and are assembled with high quality stainless steel lure components. The lures are painted with top of line airbrush paint in a variety of unique colors. After paint, the lures are given three coats of high gloss epoxy to both enhance the paint color and harden the outer shell of the lure. The hook sizes are based on the lure size, but are all VMC 4X strength for maximum durability. You wont find lures like these in the store. That's a guarantee! Giant bass, oversized pike and trophy musky are just a few of the species these lures will put in your net.

Wooden Lure Maintenance

  • After use hang your lure in an open well ventilated area to let the lure properly dry out
  • DO NOT put the lure in a sealed case directly after use. This may cause the epoxy to crack. We will not replace a lure if your lure epoxy cracks due to improper storage.
  • Do not store in extremely hot, humid areas.
  • Store the lures in a cool dark area
  • Keep out of direct sunlight for long periods of time. Storing the lure on your boat deck or the the dash of your car with direct sunlight beating down on it can damage the epoxy.
  • If your epoxy gets nicked or cracked, touch it up with some 20 minute epoxy. Clear nail polish or 5 minute epoxy is better then nothing. If you continue to use the lure after there is a crack in the epoxy without doing anything, water will eventually get behind the paint and cause large portions of the finish to fade away.
  • If your lure is chewed up and missing some paint and epoxy, the lure will still work. Color can be an important factor when fishing, but action is the most important factor in triggering strikes.
  • SHARPEN YOUR HOOKS. They come sharp, but it's a good habit to sharpen your hooks before using each time.
  • If your brand new lure is not running right contact us and we will give you insight on how to fix it, or send a new one depending on the problem.

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