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Mammoth Custom Lures


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Web Store

Depth Changer Groove Color Shifting Crappie


6" (10" with tail)

3 oz (without added weight)

no weight- floats and dives 1-3ft

1/4oz screw in weight- suspends 0- 4ft casting 2-5ft trolling

1/2oz screw in weight- slow sinks 3-7ft casting 5-10ft trolling

3/4oz screw in weight- fast sinks 6-10ft+ casting 10ft+ trolling

Adjustable stainless steel bill to change your running depth. Bend towards the chest to run shallower. Bend towards the nose to run deeper.

Handcrafted out of cedar with side grooves sanded into the sides to give it a really big belly roll.

cork screw for easy twisty tail replacements (apply a little super glue)

Wood is double sealed and two coats of epoxy before paint. Recieves four coats of paint and then three more top coats of epoxy are applied.

Comes with VMC 4X strength hooks, an extra twisty tail, and three different size weights (listed above)


no weight-bend bill towards nose and rip/pause in shallow weeds to dive in and float back out. 45 degree bend of bill with Slow/medium straight retrieve over shallow structure with max wiggle/belly rolling action.

1/4oz weight- bend bill towards chest to run as wakebait. Bill in all angles slow/medium/fast staright retieve with max wiggle/roll. rip/pause with bait staying suspended in the strike zone. Gets through shallow weeds surprisingly well. Great for shallow water trolling. Most versitile weight option

1/2oz weight- gets bait deeper and great for twitching and straight retrieve over deeper water. Best trolling option with ability to go over 5mph. Bill placement works best at about a 45 degree angle with this weight.

3/4oz weight- JIgging this on drop offs and open water can be very productive with the quick fall. Gets deepest for trolling but will take away some of the belly rolling action. Can work it just like a rubber bait. Dont be afraid to put a bigger tail on if you are planning on jigging it.



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